Stealing Hearts

Series: Inked Hearts Series #2
Release Date: TBA

When his best friend’s girlfriend, moves in, a tattoo and piercing artist decides it’s best to stay away from her, but the more his best friend messes up, the harder it is to keep his distance.

The only thing Xylina wants is to make her relationship work, and she hopes moving in with her boyfriend will be the deciding factor of whether they’ll make it or not. But there’s one obstacle that stands in her way, Maverick Laskaris, her boyfriend’s best friend.

Maverick knows it’s best to keep away from Xylina Hernades. First, she’s taken. Second, she thinks he hates her. Third, and most important of all, she’s his best friend, Nikolaus’s girlfriend.

But as the more cracks in her relationship begin to reveal themselves, the more he realizes maybe she needs someone better. Maybe he needs to stop ignoring the feelings he’s buried deep for so long.

And maybe seeing her happiness is enough to risk his friendship.

Stealing Hearts is a sweet & steamy standalone, dual POV, slow burn romance.


best friend’s girl • forced proximity • love triangle • betrayal • slow burn • enemies to lovers

content warning

mature language • cheating

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